Part of condition of sago forest impacted by development project - Dok. Hendrik Palo

Economic factors has caused sago leaf forest changed into tin roof


Part of condition of sago forest impacted by development project – Dok. Hendrik Palo

Jayapura, Jubi – Vice Chairman of Sentani Tribal Council Jayapura regency, Papua, Orgenes Kaway says sago forests in the district of Jayapura has largely changed appearance from trees and leaves of sago to corrugated roof made of tin that commonly called ‘Atap seng’.

Bambar Village Ondoafi (indigenous Sentani) of Waibu District, Doyo Lama, Jayapura said It is caused by economic factors and the rapid development. The customary landowners have no enough power to tame the current of development.

As the result they sell their customary land that was once a sago forest and turn it into ‘shopping house building’ or tin roofs housing complex.

“Whoever they are who initially yelling do not sell the land, but with pressure of economic conditions such as commodity prices, and also the pressure of development that Papua being pushed as a pilot development example for Eastern part of Indonesia. All of these are unstoppable,” said Orgenes Kaway, Wednesday April 5th 2017.


He pointed out; that customary owners in the area of Doyo states may not sell the land, but being pushed by the development in the district of Jayapura that now expand to Doyo area, like it or not the residents might finally sell their land.

“Kalau bisa jangan jual tanah. Dikontrakkan saja. Ini demi generasi berikut. Kalau tanah sudah habis dijual, bagaimana dengan generasi Papua kedepan,” kata Emus.

“If possible, please do not sell the land. Rent it. It’s for the next generation. If the land is up for sale, how about the next generation Papuans?” said Emus.(*)

Reporter              : Arjuna Pademme

Editor                    : Zely Ariane

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