Economic Factor to Cause A Laziness of Civil Servants at Remote Areas


Jayapura, Jubi – A Papuan Councilor, Sinut Busup said the economic factor is behind a motive of civil servants to be rarely conducting their service at the remote areas.

He said the high cost of living at Papuan remote areas without concerning the welfare has made them uncomforted to live there. “Hence, the government must support the transportation to remote area. Several areas at the Papua Highland have been supported, but it should be improved,” Busup said on Saturday (24/1).

He said people could not blame the civil servants working in the Papuan remote areas. In fact, we should find out the reason why, whether the facilities are meet with their needs.

“Imagine a second grade civil servant with salary of three million rupiahs, how could he struggle with the high cost of daily needs. If Local Government often said the civil servants often deserted from their duty station, it must consider many aspects, included the welfare of employee,” he said.

Another Papuan Councilor, Natan Pahabol almost similarly said one of many problems that constrained the promotion of education in Papua was the supporting facility.


“There are schools without teachers. If there were teachers, let say five, there is no house for them. It also becomes a problem, “ Pahabol said at that time. According to him the teachers in the remote areas were often be blamed. But on the other hand, the teachers argued that they were not ease to live there because the lack of supporting facility. (Arjuna Pademme/Rom)

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