Medecine shop at Wamena (Jubi)

Drug Supply in Jayawijaya is Enough

Medecine shop at Wamena (Jubi)

Medecine shop at Wamena (Jubi)

Wamena, Jubi – The supply of drugs for all health centers in Jayawijaya is adequate to meet the need of the community, the Jayawijaya health chief, Agustinus Aronggear, said..

“The supply of basic medicines is sufficient.” Aronggear said  after a walk marking  the 50th National Health Day on Saturday (8/11).

His statement was in response to public complaints about the shortage of drugs that prevented many patients from getting treatrment.

He said, both hospital and health centers used to experience lack of drugs, but it has been solved because of the health office has ordered the drug, particularly basic drugs, through non- catalog procurement.
“We really never ordered drugs from the e-catalog, but because the process was a bit complicated, we took the initiative to order drugs through the non-catalog provision, “he explained.


When asked about the drugs’ supply at the General Hospital of Jayawijaya, Agustinus declined to comment because it is beyond his authority.

He ensured that there are doctors who are ready to serve at the health centers in Jayawijaya.
One resident who declined to be named, admitted that some of health centers ran out of medicine.
“I was told to buy medicine polyclinic outside. He said the drug out, “said the resident. (Islami Adisubrata/ Tina)

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