Ilutration (IST)

Drug Stocks Depleting at Yowari Hospital

Ilutration (IST)

Ilutration (IST)

Sentani, Jubi – Yowari hospital in Jayapura regency is facing a shortage of drugs stock, said Andreas Korwa.

Some patients have not received all the medicines as prescribed and have to buy them at private pharmacies, he said.

“There are seven types of drugs in the prescription given by the hospital, only three out of seven are provided. While the rest I was told by the clerk at the pharmacy to get outside hospital,” he said at the Yowari hospital in Doyo Baru this week.

According to him it should not been a burden for any patients who are seeking medical treatment as the cost of healthcare is funded by government through Special Autonomy program.
“We have to get out of the hospital to buy drugs, while the price of drugs is much more expensive. This needs to be noticed by the hospital,” he added.


Previously director of Yowari Hospital Michael Demetow said the shortage of drug stocks in hospital is because the purchase and the tender system for procurement of medicines is done online. And this is quite disturbing. For that it has sent a letter to the Provincial Health department to find the right solution in supplying drugs. (Engelberth Wally)

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