Ilutration (IST)

Drug Stock in All Health Units is Sufficient, Official Says

Ilutration (IST)

Ilutration (IST)

Biak, Jubi – Drugs stock in Biak Numfor is enough to meet the needs of the service in all health care units, such as at the state hospital, health centers and sub-health centers until early 2015, acting health chief  Elisabeth Infandi said on Thursday (14/11).

“It works well because we established effective communication and coordination between the health office and health centers. As a result the drugs could be allocated and distributed based on the needs of each unit of service, including its existing health services in remote areas such as Padaido Islands and North Biak.” Irfandi said.

“We sent no more and no less so that flow out of the drug went well so that there is no buildup or shortage of drugs in health centers,” she said.

Separately, head of Yendidori Health center, Moses Rumbiak, confirmed that the stock of drugs was enough. (Marten Boseren/ Tina)


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