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Drought drives water prices in Merauke

Ilustration (IST)

Ilustration (IST)

Merauke, Jubi- Water levels at Rawa Biru Village, which is the only water source for Merauke City and its surrounded area, have decreased due to the dry season for the past few months.

The director of PT. Wedu, Abdul Aziz, said there was not enough drinking water for residents.
“We have checked the water condition at Rawa Biru. But it’s still enough to supply the drinking water for the local residents,” he said.

However, he said local residents could use several wells in the city areas to supply their water needs.
“We also have seven water trucks which are ready to serve the residents. For those who need some help, they can come directly to our office. They also could become our customers, he said.

For the service, people must pay Rp 100,000 for 4 tons of water, and Rp 125,000 for 25 tons.
“Once they ordered, they will get the service immediately. No need to wait for two or three days,” Aziz said.


Further Aziz said, the service is also ready for the periphery areas such as Semangga or Tanah Miring sub-districts, but for different prices. “We usually charge Rp 300,000 for a tanker of water,” he said. However, he explained they often encountered some difficulties when transporting the water.

“Our trucks broke down several times, because the road was badly damaged. In the future, we will take it into account our service cost,” he said.

A legislator of Merauke’s Parliament, Francis Ohoiwutun said he acknowledged that in the last few months, people have been struggling to get the drinking water. “We should admit that the drought has impacted the water levels in Rawa Biru for the last few months,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

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