How to dress to attract women


A carefully chosen outfit is an important part of the life of a modern man

Jayapura, Jubi/Adv – A carefully chosen outfit is an important part of the life of a modern man. A good outfit can hide shortcomings of your figure and emphasize the best that you have. Of course, first of all, girls look at men’s appearance wherever you are – at work, on a date, or at a party. And only then they pay attention to your mind, character, and the way of communication.

Women always pay attention to how men are dressed and only then make conclusions whether it is worth to date with them in the future or not. Of course, each woman has her own special preferences in men’s clothes. But there is something that all girls appreciate and in what clothes you can definitely succeed on the first date. So here is the list from


A woman instinctively searches for such a man with whom she can feel like behind a stone wall. The elegant style, the main component of which is a jacket, is the best way to show oneself exactly as this type of men.

This doesn’t mean that you need to put on ironed trousers and a shirt with a tie all the time you are going on a date with her. It, on the contrary, can frighten a lady. You can combine a jacket with an unbuttoned shirt and light-colored jeans. Thus, you will have very elegant, and, most importantly, fashionable image.


2.Jeans and trousers

Jeans is a necessary part of the men’s wardrobe and women like it. Also, instead of jeans, you can put on trousers. But it is not necessary to be classic. It is better to wear casual one. The main thing is that jeans and trousers should fit your figure.


Man’s shirts attract women’s looks, especially if few buttons are unbuttoned. They may emphasize the excellent taste of men. There is the same rule – you should choose not classic but modern fashionable shirts. And remember that they should be without any flowers and other prints.

4.Sport style

Women love not only elegant young people, they also like sports style. Here the main thing is to understand that sports style is not always appropriate to a particular event. It is a sign of bad taste if a man goes to public places in a tracksuit. But stylish men’s hoodies or sweatshirts can look really nice if you wear them on a party or on a date.

5.Leather clothes

Don’t forget that the outerwear should also perfectly match the entire wardrobe and emphasize your personality. Leather jackets look especially attractive in the eyes of women. You are like a rock star!

What irritates women in men’s clothing

What kind of men’s clothes irritate the weaker sex most of all? In fact, women are not annoyed with some particular clothes. But they can’t stand lack of taste and untidiness. Untidy and not ironed clothes will not cause admiration from ladies (even trendy ones). Therefore, you should throw out old clothes and regularly update your wardrobe with new ones.

Also, women don’t like men who dress unattractively, wrongly combine clothes or put on everything they have in a wardrobe. Try to buy clothes that match your style, emphasize your individuality and can be combined with other outfits of your wardrobe. Don’t forget about the little things such as unusual accessories and stylish details that always cause admiration of any woman.

The answer to the question of what clothes women like is simple enough: women like men who are dressed stylishly. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your men’s wardrobe and hunt for brand clothes. The main thing is to be neat and skillfully match everything you have. It is important to choose the right clothes and accessories and every woman will be glad to be with such a man.

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