DPRP Education Commission Urges Regents to Use Teacher Attendance


Jayapura, Jubi – To prepare the upcoming National Examinations (UN), Commission V of Papua Legislative Council ( DPRP) overseeing on education urged regents and mayor to enforce teachers’ attendance.

Secretary of the Commission V, Nason Utti said, it is important to look at the extent to which the teachers in the area comply with their duties and responsibilities.

“In addition, the head of regional and local education department are also responsible of all the lack of facilities. All related to National Exams logistics should be prepared from now. For schools that have no teachers, it’s better to merge into a nearby school so that students could participate in the National Exams,” Nason Utti said on Monday (5/1).

He further said the students who pass the exams must be based on their competence and the quality of students depends on how teachers teach them. He also asked the principals and teachers to prepare the students for the upcoming UN.

“Students should get additional lessons so that they would be more ready for the upcoming UN. The teachers should avoid discrimination in the classroom. What matters is the quality of the students,” he said.


“In the future, students’ graduation will not depend on grades, but there are some factors that will be considered. We agree with that policy, so we asked each regency and the town to soon adjust with the policy. Don’t be left behind with other provinces,” he added.

He further said the Ministry of Education would use the upcoming National Exam for mapping, policy interventions and graduation requirement as well as the requirement to pursue to the higher education.

Meanwhile, a member of Commission V of Papua Legislative Council, Nathan Pahabol, said the Department of Education should coordinate with the Ministry of Education, teachers and principals before National Exam is implemented.

“We hoped the regents and mayors to monitor the conditions of teaching and learning process. If the teachers are lazy, they must get sanctions,” Pahabol said. (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)

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