PNG's army in the border area (Jubi)

DPRP demanded the central government to be firm to the PNG’s army

PNG's army in the border area (Jubi)

PNG’s army in the border area (Jubi)

Jayapura, 15/2 (Jubi) – The violence of Papua New Guinea army against 10 Indonesian fishermen from Merauke, Papua continously draws criticism. One member of the Papuan Legislative Council (DPRP), Masia Lay demanded, the Indonesian government must be firm to the PNG military action.

“I am concerned about the incident and regrets the behavior of the PNG army. I hope the Indonesian government take decisive as it is about the sovereignty of both regions. There is always an annual border meeting between the two countries. In the meeting, one of topics will be addressed is about the requirements of cross – border, ” Masia Lay said to, on Friday (2/14).

He then added, the Indonesian government must take concrete steps in dealing with this case. Do not let the matter drag on.

The Indonesian government, specially Papua police must take this case seriously. As we know that at the Sota border, Merauke, there are PNG citizens who come to Merauke, Indonesia every day and our army does not do inhuman act against them since one of their purpose crossing the border is for trading activities. Unlike PNG soldiers did against our fishermen, “he said.


Another source, Suzan Wanggai, Head of Border and International Cooperation said, until now, they are still awaiting a clarification from the central government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to resolve the case with PNG government through diplomatic means.
“Yes, we are still waiting.  Authorities in Papua province have been doing a search effort  and continue to work  with the government of Merauke regency. Of course,  in this case there are rules enforced because it is in the territorial waters of PNG. And there exists in a basic agreement or an agreement on Indonesian and PNG border cooperation, “Suzana Wanggai said.

According to her, under Article 8 of the accident, mentioned if there is an accident or a disaster like this, the two countries should inform each other.
” We have followed the rule by requesting the Government of PNG through Indonesian consulate in Vanimo to allow rescue teams and Navy teams from Papua to enter PNG territory. It is exist in the Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), “she said. (Jubi / Arjuna/Tina)

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