DPRP Agriculture Commission Urges Government to Build Flour of Sweet Potato Factory


Jayapura, Jubi – The Commission II of Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) on Agriculture and Economics urged the government of Papua to immediately build a plant to make flour from sweet potatoes  this year.

Commission chairman Deerd Tabuni said, the land in Skanto district, Keerom to build a factory has been available since 2009. Processing machines were also delivered by the central government the same year. But the plant has not operated and has been used as a warehouse of Papua province in North Jayapura district, Jayapura city.
“DPRP and Keerom regency have discussed how the factory can be built in the future. Raw materials are already available and Keerom regency itself approved it. So we want the machine functioned again as it can be a local budget revenue, “Deerd Tabuni said after he and Commission II of DPRP looked a processing machine of sweet potato flour directly on Wednesday (11/02/2015).

He further said, the local economy should be a priority for development. If it grows well, parents can support a family and their children education. He hoped Papua governor would prioritize it in his program.
“We will urge the government so that the factory could be built or it can be handed over to the private sector if the government can not manage, “he said.

While the Secretary of Industry Department of Papua province, Else Pekade said, the machine is not operated because there is no building. It has proposed a development fund, but has not been realized.

“We’ve done our duties by providing a machine that can produce eight tons of flour every day. We hope that the building budget will be realized. Moreover, the center has correspondence to us, if the machine is not used will be withdrawn and given to other provinces, “Pekade said. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)


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