Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia, Rot Swartbol with members of DPR Papua - Jubi/ Arjuna

DPR Papua notify Dutch Ambassador on freedom of expression in Papua


Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia, Rot Swartbol with members of DPR Papua – Jubi/ Arjuna

Jayapura, Jubi – Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia, Rot Swartbol visited Papua Parliament Building and has a close meeting with parliament members on Monday April 3rd 2017.

He is welcomed in the parliament by Deputy Chair II, Ferinando A.Y. Tinal with several legislators,  among others, Laurenzus Kadepa, Elvis Tabuni, Mathea Mamoyaow, Orwan Tolli Wone, Deerd Tabuni, Syamsunar Rasyid, Emus Gwijangge, Tan Wie Long, Sinut Busup, Ignasius W Mimin, Natan Pahabol and Yakoba Lokbere.

After the meeting, Ferinando Tinal said the arrival of Swartbol in Papua is a routine visit. The goal is to monitor support program by the Dutch government in economic development, strengthening the rights of women, water and agriculture.

“Members of parliament also conveyed aspirations. Among these are violations of human rights issues, freedom of expression and a few other things,” said Ferindando Tinal.


He said, Swartbol are listening carefully and make notes.

“He listened to a variety of inputs. But he could not give a decision. The council members also requested that in the future, the board notified when there is assistance to Papua so they can be monitored,” he said.

Based on antaranews report on Tuesday (4/4/2017) Swartbol also discuss important issues related to politics and development in Papua. “The visit to Papua this time is the first of its kind, and we want to discuss issues related to democracy and the simultaneous regional elections,” Swartbol remarked.

The Dutch ambassador to Indonesia said he was keen to know the extent of cooperation between the Dutch government and Papua Police related to the establishment of the Community Police in the Land of Cenderawasih.

“Our cooperation aims to bring the community closer to the police, especially in Papua,” he affirmed.

Swartbol explained that in principle, the Dutch government has always given attention to Indonesia, including Papua.

However, this visit is welcomed skeptically by Natan Pahabol, another Papua parliamentary member.

“There should be a follow-up. Not only a visit. Support programs are for NGOs and churches, they have to be involved, not only the government. The government is only to administer. Not to mention that the Papuans had historical problems with the Netherlands. There is an element of distrust in it because of the long history of Papua,” Pahabol.(*)

Reporter              : Arjuna

Editor                    : Zely Ariane

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