Teachers' demonstration in education office asking for certification and non-certification fund and social support fund - Jubi/Islami

Again, dozens of teachers demand their rights to education office


Teachers’ demonstration in education office asking for certification and non-certification fund and social support fund – Jubi/Islami

Wamena, Jubi – After a peaceful demonstration in the education office last week, teachers have returned on Tuesday (July 25), questioned educational fund that has not been received until now.

The arrival of teachers from various educational units questioned the extent to which the education department’s communication promised to evaluate all the education funds that become the questions of the teachers.
Darius Yusuk, representative of Jayawijaya teacher said their previous aspirations had been conveyed through a rally on 18 July. However, there was no response up to this day, so the teachers returned to the education office to question their rights, namely certification and non-certification funds and social assistance funds.
He said, unfortunately they stil do not get any response. No single person, whether the head of department and related officials, is in place.
“The results of last week’s meeting did not fulfilled, and earlier (Tuesday) the secretary of the department said that they are waiting for the head of the office that is still out of town, then we were asked to comeback within a couple of days. They will make coordination and the result will be delivered to us,”he said.
Based on central government regulations, he said, teachers who have a Unique Number of Education and Education Personnel (NUPTK) must receive certification or non-certification funds and social assistance funds.
“But so far, only elementary and junior high school teachers got those funds, while highschool, vocational school do not, no matter we have NUPTK. That is one of our questions to the office,” he said.
The amount of non-certification funds per person for one quarter ranges from Rp712 thousand to Rp750 thousand.
“While the amount for this certification calculated all working period are between Rp40 million to Rp 47 million, while the social assistance fund is Rp60 million to Rp70 million per person.”
According to him, all teachers of elementary, junior high, and vocational school will also convey their complaints to the regent and vice regent of Jayawijaya.
While the Secretary of Education Office, Bambang Budiandoyo admitted that this has been discussed with the heads of the department, but unfortunately the person in charge is still out of office.
But Bambang acknowledges, this is actually just a matter of communication and socialization that does not work well in every field that regulates the rights of the teacher.
“We will make communication with regional secretary, especially the heads of the field to make evaluation, possibly on Thursday everything is gathered,” said Bambang. (*)

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