Children waiting in front of the closed Pustu Samenage-Jubi/IST

Dozens of Samenage residents died of health care crisis


Children waiting in front of the closed Pustu Samenage-Jubi/IST

Wamena, Jubi – From May to August 2017, there are 48 residents in Samenage District, Yahukimo Regency died due to no health care. No medical personnel who shall conduct health service in the regency.

“This is the state’s neglect of society in the field of health services that took place in Samenage from May to August 2017,” Father Jhon Djonga, who served in Samenage, told reporters in Wamena, Saturday (September 23).

He considered the condition is just embarrassing. He reminds the Papuan people that health care is responsibility of the state. So the role of state and public cannot be switched or overlap. State should take responsibility for its negligence in the non-performing public service.

“There are 48 people have died, and from the stories of community and the families of victims it is because no health workers available for many months,” he said.


Father Jhon Djonga claimed to have it reported directly to the Regent and head of health service in August, but to date there has been no response. The absence of medical personnel makes the church use their officers such as teachers who are forced to provide health information to the public.

A volunteer teacher at Samenage, Christian also admitted the education and health services in the area did not go well. “Medicines are lacking, doctors are not on duty or rarely in place,” says Christian.

Health services have been carried out occasionally by non doctor personnel (mantri), or physicians sent by Pastor Jhon Djonga from the Teratai Hati Papua Foundation conducted independently.

“I hope the government would be really pay attention to education, because through education can change the mindset of society and nation, including the importance of maintaining health,” said Christian. (*)



Editor: Zely Ariane

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