Dozens Protest Against Council Female Chairmanship Position


Merauke, Jubi- Dozens of indigenous people demonstrated in the office of the Merauke Representatives Council (DPRD) to reject the appointment of a woman as the council’s chair.

The chairman of Indigenous Peoples Council (LMA) of Merauke Regency, Ignatius Ndiken, said four indigenous groups – from Zozom, Imo, Mayo and Esam clans –  rejected the selection of Kanizia Mekiuw as the chairwoman of the council, citing the Marind’s customs of social relations that do not recognize women as leaders.
“Therefore, we urge the political parties as well as the DPRD to immediately take a decision to not choose women to serve as chair of the council,” he said.

One Merauke council member, Heng Ndiken, said that the acting chairman of the council should respond to the people’s aspirations by postponing the selection process.

Another council member, Moses Kaibu clarified that he himself was not behind the protests.
“Once again, I never provoke and ask the Marind leaders to protest at the council building. , “he confirmed.

While acting chairman gave her high appreciation of the protests. “We will accommodate and respond it well,” she said.


In a meeting, there have been talks between the council and some of the local people. “We have already said that the rule mandates that the political party with the most votes and seats, will occupy the chairman of the board. Through discussion, the traditional leaders understood it very well, ” Kanizia said. (Frans L Kobun / Albert Yomo/Tina)

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