Indonesia - PNG's Border in Sota -

Dozens of PNG Students Study at Sota Vocational High School

Indonesia - PNG's Border in Sota -

Indonesia – PNG’s Border in Sota –

Merauke, Jubi – Dozens of students from Mohet District of Papua New Guinea have enrolled at Sota Vocational High School.

They are mostly living in school dormitory but some are staying with their relatives. During the study, the government would cover their daily living costs through Special Autonomy Fund, said a teacher Arnoldus Asgon to Jubi on Tuesday (9/6/2015).

At the beginning, they encountered communication problems because most of them couldn’t speak Indonesian, but after studying, they are now able to speak the language fluently. In fact, he added, those students have good performance at school. Usually they get first, second or third of the class rank. They are so smart and can understand every subject in the class quickly.

When asked why did they choose continuing their study in Sota, Asgon admitted they did it because Sota is closer than a closest district of their country. To reach Sota, they are bicycling or walking for one day. “From year to year, the number of students from Papua New Guinea continuing their study at Sota Vocational High School is constantly increasing. Generally, it’s because of they thought getting a lot of benefit of it. In fact, some of them continue to study at Musamus University after graduate from this vocational school,” he said.


Separately, the Sota Sub-district Chief, Mike Walinaulik admitted the high interest over Sota Vocational School among the students from Papua New Guinea is connecting with the convenience provided, including stipend for daily meals, no tuition fee, and so on. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

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