Representatives of communities and farmers in Keerom, met the member of Papua Legislative Council (Jubi)


Representatives of communities and farmers in Keerom, met the member of Papua Legislative Council (Jubi)

Representatives of communities and farmers in Keerom, met the member of Papua Legislative Council (Jubi)PRP,

Jayapura,17/1 (Jubi )- About 25 people from the representatives of communities and farmers in Keerom, Papua met the Papua Legislative Council ( DPRP) to express their complaint about the damage of Tami Bridge which is the main bridge in the area on Friday ( 17/1 ). Those who are members of the Forum of Caring Farmer’s Fate and PIR Community were accepted by member of Commission D, Boy Dawir and member of Commission B, of DPRP, Thomas Sondegau.

Group’s coordinator, Rev. Edy Kogotli, S.Th said, in Keerom there are many things that must be addressed, but the bridge is the most important .
” Our coming today asked DPRP to follow up fixing Tami bridge leading to the office of PTPN II . We came here since we are no longer trust the other party. We had came both government and Keerom Legislative Council but no result. Consequently, we came to DPRP because we believe DPRP could help us.” said Rev. Edi Kogotli ,S.Th after meeting with the DPRP.
According to him, the need of using Tami bridge is very urgent, so if it is not immediately fixed, will have an impact on access to transportation to and from Keerom and local economies .
” If in the next four weeks, the bridge will not be fixed, it will not ease local access. This bridge has been broken quite longer and it’s just always been simply fixed for transportation need. However, this time cannot be longer and must be fixed immediately. ” he said .
Commission D on Infrastructure, Boy Dawir said that the aspiration mentioned is about fixing Tami bridge in Keerom.
” We asked the council to accept them . This aspiration has been submitted to us and we will follow up . We have reported it to the chairman and deputy chairman of DPRP and officially wrote to the governor. Besides that, I also talked to the Head of the Department of Public Works of Papua Province since 100 families will have difficulty of transportation access in and out Keerom .” said Boy Dawir .
According to him, the bridge is not included in the development plan in 2014 but due to urgent so that this aspiration will soon be followed up. Perhaps, DPRP will examine directly the bridge to see the damage in detail.
” We see what kind of damage it into details. On the other hand, there is still room to be able to review the proposed development of PU in Keerom because there is fund construction, more than 1 billion rupiah from the provincial budget that goes to Keerom for 2014. ” he said .
Boy said , it will re-check this budget allocated including Tami ‘s bridge .
” we will re – check overall development budget and Tami bridge is an emergency project that need to be addressed and solved immediately. Although we do not have any report from Keerom Regency, this aspiration definitely will be followed up.” said Boy . (Jubi/Arjuna/Tina)

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