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Saturday, 8 July 2017 - 12:40 WIB

Dozens of ojeg driver in Enarotali participate in VCT tests

VCT test conducted by Yapkema in Enarotali Paniai - IST

VCT test conducted by Yapkema in Enarotali Paniai - IST

VCT test conducted by Yapkema in Enarotali Paniai – IST

Paniai, Jubi – Non-Governmental Organization, Yayasan Pengembangan Kesejateraan Masyarakat (Yapkema) Papua, which has been engaged in ​​Meepago land Papua, is concerned about the high rate of HIV/AIDS transmission in Papua, especially in Meepago mostly through sexual intercourse.

In order to to overcome this threat, Yapkema held two activities in a day, socialization of HIV/AIDS and VCT testing to dozens of motorcycle driver (Ojek) operating in Enarotali, Paniai, at the TK/Paud Yegeka Bobaigo Hall on June 17.

Yapkema HIV/AIDS Counseling Field, Ance Boma said the activities were focused on Ojek driver because they could be categorized as high-risk groups. Moreover the drivers in Paniai are even more comin in from outside Papua without wives/partners.

He said the activity is held in cooperation with Enarotali Puskesmas for the support of KPAI and PKBI and funded by Global Fund through WPS outreach program.


“So we targeted on change of behaviour for this high risk group so they can prevent themselves early,” said Ance Boma in Yapkema Paniai office, Monday (June 19).

Boma explained, the event was attended by 28 Ojek drivers. He hopes that participants can promote the benefits of HIV testing and early treatment through services and outreach.

“And they are able to provide information and invite their fellow Ojek drivers to VCT services in Puskemas Enarotali and RSUD Paniai in Madi,” she continued.

“In addition we are introducing the health facilities available in Paniai for them to take role to socialize to other passengers as well as to their friends.”

A participant, Akbar (32) claimed to have understood what the danger of HIV/AIDS is, because almost every time he just heard about it, and working to look for passengers rather than doing blood checks at Puskesmas or RSUD.

“This activity really makes me understand, it is very helpful especially because we are being examined, this is good,” he said. (*)

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