Dozens of Manokwari Residents Displaced after Landslides


Jayapura, Jubi – Dozens of Lembah Hijau residents in Manokwari Regency were displaced as a result of landslides that hit the area.

“Lembah Hijau residents were evacuated when landslides hit Orpah Koday’s house on Saturday night (25/4),” said Lembah Hijau resident Yustin Wakum this week. He said there were no casualties but the landslides caused hundreds million rupiahs in losses.

“Because of landslides, Lembah Hijau residents who live surrounded mountain hill area packed their belongings and went to secure location in anticipating the landslides aftershocks due to the high rainfall,” he said. According to him the local residents suspected the landslides was occurred due to land excavation activity in the mountain area.

“Therefore, the residents asked the Manokwari Regency Government to overcome the excavation actitivy in the mountain area in anticipating the landslindes hit the local residents’ houses,” said Wakum. (*/rom)


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