Job seekers were arrested at Mozes Kilangin Airport (Jubi)


Job seekers were arrested at Mozes Kilangin Airport (Jubi)

Job seekers were arrested at Mozes Kilangin Airport (Jubi)

Timika, 5/5 (Jubi) — At least 26 job seekers were arrested at Mozes Kilangin Airport by security guards employed by the Security Risk Management (SRM) on Monday (5/5).

Some security guards in the area of Tembagapura said PT Harmoni Sinergi Jakarta are believed to be recruiting them aguards for PT Freeport Indonesia, and they are known as the fifth group of job seekers who arrived there. A total of 116 job seekers have now arrive in Tembagapura.

The Airport Police brought a person who suspected as group coordinator for being questioned. However, the Airport Sector Police Chief, Ipda Jusing said the police was not able to intervene in this case, since they found no violation by the job seekers.
“We don’t have the authorities to interfere this case due to the complaint of security guards, because it’s entirely about the internal management and security department,” the Chief said.

Some airport security guards regretted the decision of management who recruited the migrant workers while there are many local job seekers in Mimika Regency. They also asked why the management should bring the migrant workers while PT FI is now reducing its employees.


The police then took the 26 migrants and others who are now in Tembagapura to Kuala Kencana. So far the SRM has not yet confirmed about the further process.

Based on the latest information received by, it’s said about five hundred migrant workers from Java Island would be employed as security guards.
“What about 150 of our brothers or sisters who took a test yesterday and had no answer for months? None of them passed. And now they recruit others from Java,” an employee said.

Meanwhile an officer of Corporate Communication of PT Freeport, Karel Luntungan was not avaiable for comment. (Jubi/Eveerth/rom)

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