General Hospital (Hospital) Dok II Jayapura - Jubi

Dok II Hospital Shrugs off Doctors’ Resignation

General Hospital (Hospital) Dok II Jayapura - Jubi

General Hospital (Hospital) Dok II Jayapura – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – A number of specialists reportedly resigned from Public Hospital Dok II Jayapura, citing inadequate medical equipment and ficilities, but health authorities brushed aside the resignation as normal.

“It is normal if those specialists resigned. And this is not the first time. It occurred the previous years,” Acting Director of Papua Health Acceleration Unit (UP2KP) Agus Raprap said on last week.
He said the reason behind the resignation is because the national referral hospital has inadequate equipment. “How could they apply their knowledge and skills as specialists if the equipment to support their work does not exist?” he said.
For example, he referred to a specialist Doctor Alban Dien who resigned because of poor equipment to support his work.
 “In 2014, there is Doctor William who was the only specialist for tumor surgery. He founded many tumor cases in Papua, but he couldn’t do any medical treatment. Even during he was in the Hospital Dol II, he often conducted the surgeries in Biak (Regency), because the Public Hospital Biak has the equipment to support his work. It’s kind of weird, that the regional hospital has the equipment while the provincial hospital doesn’t have it,” he said.
In 2016, Doctor Tigor Letsoin who’s a neurologist with specialization of vascular surgeon once proposed the procurement of medical equipment to support the diagnose and medical treatment of patient but it have been never materialized until he was resigned.
“If it’s happened, who’d be lost? Papuan People. Related to the cost, it would surely increase, because the medical treatment that actually could be handled in Papua should be done in other regions because the hospital does not have the accomplished equipment,” he said.
 Therefore, he appealed to the policy makers including the Regional Planning and Development Agency and Regional Finance Agency of Papua Province to not delete the required items submitted by hospital.
“Do not delete the hospital’s proposal. I am sure that Papua Governor doesn’t know about this. It has decided by financial policy maker. I ever checked that the hospital actually has proposed but it never been followed up by financial policy maker,” he said.
In separated place, the Head of Health Office of Papua Province, drg. Aloysius Giay told Jubi at his office that the office is currently proposing the procurement of medical equipment at the Public Hospital Dok II, Jayapura.
“I have talked with the Director of Hospital Dok II, and have presented the hospital’s requirement to the governor. I hope the medical equipment for the hospital could be procured soon,” he said. (Roy Ratumakin)

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