Teacher in West Papua - Jubi

Dogiyai Education Faces Serious Problems amid Lack of Teachers

Teacher in West Papua - Jubi

Teacher in West Papua – Jubi

Nabire, Jubi – Behind the rapid physical development, the lack of teachers has become a serious problem in Dogiyai regency, a former principal of elementary school SD Inpres Abaimaida, Urbanus Tebay, said on Thursday (11/2/2016).

He said a number of school buildings look nice but classes are not running normally due to no teachers and students.

This example can be a general picture of how bad educational services in Dogiyai.

According to him, it happened because there was no seriousness of the government and society to develop human resources in Dogiyai.


In different places, chief of Tota Mapiha tribe in Dogiyai Marthen Petenet Iyai said children have not received appropriate education both from the government and church.

“Until now, the kids have not been given proper education. They are just left alone,” he added.

A teacher of SMP Negeri 1 Mapia, Phlipus Magai stated Dogiyai government is still focused on physical development than non-physical.

“Actually the learners have tremendous potential and must be developed for the future of Dogiyai,” he said. (Ernest Pugiye/Tina)

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