Stevanus Banal (Jubi)

Doctor delayed the pin removal in Stevanus Banal’s leg

Stevanus Banal (Jubi)

Stevanus Banal (Jubi)

Jayapura, 1/2 (Jubi) – Herry Kalakmabin, family member of Stevanus Banal, said Doctor of Chiropractic from Bhayangkara Hospital Kota Jayapura delayed the pin removal in Banal’s left leg. Stevanus Banal is the shooting victim by the police member after the combustion of the police station Pegunungan Bintang on 16 June 2013.

“We’ve been to the hospital yesterday (31/1) but the doctor said we were late. Stevanus supposed to come in the second week of December,” he told to in Kota Jayapura, Papua, Saturday (1/2).
Thus, according to Herry, the doctor delayed the removal schedule until the next six months. Doctor said the removal could be done between July and August. Stevanus will be taking medication, outpatient, monthly check-up, Herry said.
Stevatus was late because the police have not given permission on his request of pin removal. He conveyed his request through Wamena Prison, however the prosecutor argued that there should be a police permit until the specified time passes.
 “First request was written. The second one was spoken. The answer I had from the prosecutor is I will contact the Chief of Crime & Investigation Unit first,” Stevanus said repeating what was prosecutor said that he’ve heard from the prison guard to The request was never being fulfilled until he was sentenced to prison for one year and seven months by Wamena trial court (17/1).
Stevanus was able to come to Jayapura for pin removal on his family request to the Wamena Prison. The transportation cost was covered by his family including the transportation allowance for the prison guard who must look after Stevanus,” Hengky Bidana said to, Thursday (30/1).
Olga Hamadi, the Coordinator of Kontras Papua said it should be the State who provides the medical cost for the prisoner not the family.
“If he was the police’s detention, then they shall take him to get the medical treatment. If he was under the prosecutor or judge’s custody, then it’s their obligation to provide him a medical treatment. If he was the prisoner, then the prison must provide the treatment,” Olga said.
Whatever is the reason, according to her, the health care is everyone’s right. “The suspect, the accused or event the prisoner have the right on the health care,” Olga said.
In the case of Stevanus, according to her, the police along with the local government (the District Government of Pegunungan Bintang) have an obligation to cover the medical cost including the transportation allowance for the family.
“It is a police responsibility since he was the police’s detention. If they have no budget, they should talk to the local government instead of being charged to the family,” she added.

Further she said it wouldn’t a problem if his family is financially capable to cover all the cost, but if they can’t it would be a problem. (Jubi/Mawel/P. Maizier)

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