Do Not Dominate Autonomy Seats, Gwijangge Says


Jayapura, Jubi – A member of the Papua Legislative Council (DPRP), Emus Gwijangge, said he hoped the recruitment process to fill  14 seats reserved for native Papuans should not be dominated by two tribes.

He said, there are approximately 250 tribes in Papua, most of them have not been included in the government system both in the executive and legislative.
“Those tribes should be prioritized, so that they feel that they belong to Papua. There should not be a monopoly. And specially about Papuan status, though she is a woman, she is also a customary child. Their rights is equal. Unless when sitting on a customary house ( Para – Para Adat), it has to be a male, but beyond that, they have the same rights,” Emus Gwijangge said to Jubi on Saturday (14.02.2015).

But he is pessimistic the recruitment system would run smoothly. He believed there would be a debate from all elements including within DPRP members. “But whatever it is, it should be resolved. It’s been a long time waiting for the chair of indigenous peoples.

He said there is a recommendation that members from the indigenous people should eligible to be leaders of the council and form their own faction as members of a political party.
“But it was not possible because there is no law guarantee. Fraction is an extension of the political parties. Members of Papua Special Autonomy seat do not come from any political party, “he said.

Meanwhile, chairman deputy of DPRP Ruben Magay said, according Special Local Regulation ( Perdasus), members of the Special Autonomy seat will join the existing factions and commissions. They can not form a faction and the commission itself. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)


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