Ilustration of DKPP meeting - IST

DKPP dismissed 263 election organizers in Papua since 2012


Ilustration of DKPP meeting – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – For five years, the Honorary Council of Election Organizing Committee has received 2,578 complaint cases of alleged code of ethics violation of election organizer. The amount is derived from complaints relating to the 2012-2014 General Election, Legislative Election, Presidential Election, 2015 and 2017 General Election, but there is also nothing to do with the election stage.

“Total numbers of complainants from year 2012-2017 are 1,586 complainants. The number of complainants is mostly from the community or voters, and the election or Paslon (pair candidates) participants. Complaints from elements of the community or voters are 680 complainants, while the elements of Paslon 556 complainants,” said Nur Hidayat Sardini, a member of the General Elections Organizing Committee on Wednesday (June 7).

The total number of subject complaints of KPU (General Election Commission) at district/city is 5,998 people. Of the Provincial is 1416 people while election monitoring body at district/city is 1,370 people, and provincial monitoring body is 373 people.

However, not every complaint submitted to DKPP is immediately tried. Each complaint must go through a rigorous selection process.


“Every complaint must pass the administrative and material verification,” explained DKPP.

A total of 2,578 complaints, only 871 cases went up. From those as many as 840 cases were terminated. Of the 840 cases that were severed, there were 3,379 election organizers. Of these, 412 election organizers were dismissed. There are also 11 election organizers dismissed from office as chairman. Sanctions for temporary dismissal are 36 people. There was also a warning sanction for 861 people.

Of the 412 election organizers dismissed since 2012, 64 percent or 263 people are from Papua.

“64 percent are from Papua. So it is necessary to get special attention for coaching, “explained DKPP.

This number is likely to increase. For now DKPP trial is still ongoing on alleged violation of ethics code of election organizer in Jayapura District.

Those in the trial included Adam Arisoi, Beatrix Wanane, respectively as chairmen and members of the Papua Province Election Commission; and Lidia Mokay, chairman of Jayapura District Court; Renida Torobi, Pieter Walli, Fred Hendri Sorontouw, Manuel Nasaid, respectively as members Regency KPU Jayapura.

The other was Ronald Manoach, Head of Jayapura District Supervisory Committee, Laela Kambewang, Bezaleal Ongge, respectively as members of Jayapura District Supervisory Committee. They complained on the implementation and recommendation of an election re-voting in ayapura Regency.

In addition to cases of alleged violations of ethical election organizers in Jayapura District, DKPP is also running a case of electoral abuses in Puncak Jaya, Intan Jaya, Lanny Jaya, Yapen Islands, Manbrat and Tambrauw Regencies. (*)

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