Djonga : Security Force Deployment Cause Public Antipathy Towards the Police


Jayapura, Jubi/Antara – The Yap Thiam Hien Award 2009 Winner, Pastor Jhon Djonga argued the deployment of thousands of security force to chase the Armed Civilian Group (KSP) led by Ayub Worker at Utikini Village, Mimika Regency since Thursday (2/1) cause antipathy among the local residents.


The Papua Police Chief, please do not act like that. Now the people of Papua, whether live in the forest or city, the OPM or civilians, they are annoyed with the Police, there is no sympathy towards the Police,” Pastor Djonga said on the phone in Jayapura on Sunday (11/1).


The groups of Papua Free Movement or civilians were annoyed with the Police’s acts. If the officers got shot, it’s because of revenge. That’s first reason,” he said.



Further, according to him, in chasing the Armed Group of Ayub Waker, the Police must be act carefully. “If the Police Chief wanted to conduct a sweeping operation, he must do it carefully. He must know the map and the identity of the Armed Group’s members. Do not make the civilians who do not know anything got the impact (being shot). It is a problem, it increase the public antipathy and see the Police as their enemy,” he said.


Furthermore, Pastor Djoga said the President Joko Widodo has gave a statement in regards to the violence in Papua in general when attending the National Christmas Event on 27 December 2014.


I think the President Widodo has reminded about the dialogue. So, who are actually afraid to conduct a dialogue with Papuans? That’s a question. It should be noticed that Papuans are always solving their problems through a dialogue,” he said.


Why the Government of Indonesia doesn’t want it. It must be put it in the first place to resolve any problems in Papua,” he said.


As reported earlier, the Papua Police Chief, the Inspector General Yotje Mende admitted deploying about 1,500 joint Police and Military force to chase the Armed Group of Ayub Walker who alledgly killed two police officeres and Freeport’s security force on Wednesday (1/1) at Utikini Village of Mimika Regency. (*/Rom)

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