Dissolving KNPB Not Solution in Papua


Sorong, Jubi – Disbanding the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) will not solve problems in Papua, said a member of West Papua Legislative Council, Dominggus Sani.

“You can disband KNPB, but will it solve the problems in this land? Such action will motivate Papuans to create new organizations who continue to fight for their rights,” Sani told Jubi last week.

He said the army and police should refrain from making statements about disbanding the organization but instead find out the root cause of the problems in Papua.

To save Papuans from poverty, underdevelopment is not about to build a shop, road, hotel, division, or provide wide access for the immigrants to come and stay in this land but how Papuans are recognized, respected and rewarded on their land.

He urged the government of Indonesia to resolve the Papua issue and not just get rid of the smoke but did not extinguish the fire. “One of them is the history of Papua should be clarified in order to provide a good place to the public about the history,” he said.


He hoped the Indonesian government to seriously look at this issue in Papua, and do not accuse and suspect Papuans excessively. (Nees Makuba/Tina)

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