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Tuesday, 9 June 2015 - 15:59 WIB

Discussion on Customary Governance System

Map of Customary Land on West Papua - jerat.org

Map of Customary Land on West Papua – jerat.org

Sentani, Jubi – The establishment of customary villages should meet some criteria agreed with nine customary law territories within the region, Second Assistant for Economy and Development of Jayapura Regency said.

He made the statement after opening a one-day seminar on the recognition of customary people and customary village pilot model that was held at the Second Floor Hall of Jayapura Regent Office.
“This seminar is a follow up to the previous workshop that recommended nine customary authorities in Jayapura Regency to have one or two customary villages at the level of sub-district administrative,” Second Assistant of Jayapura Regency Frits Rumayomi said after the ceremony on Monday (8/6/2015).

According to him, the customary law has an important role and its own system of administration that governed according to traditional norms in each village, this is the term that we together agreed.
‘The customary community has its own structure that need to be developed in the customary village administration, and the nine customary authorities must implement it, of course each customary area is still be connected because we are still standing in the same land and water, and the most important is the implementation of this administration system should be started in accordance with each regional authorities, thus the Government would promote the establishment of the customary villages,” he said.

Meanwhile, a customary leader of Yobeh Village, Yafet Felle at the separate place said the establishment of Customary Village has been clear and included in the Village Law No. 6/2014, while the customary figure of each village only to prepare the framework and regulation that would be applied in their village in accordance with the local needs.
“We just need to establish and implement the law, the government will give recognition on customary village if our community would implement and agreed on this matter. Although it was clear it is the third year that we are given the opportunity to set up our own administration system in our villages but it seems rigid and difficult to accept it among us, the customary leaders. (Engel Wally/rom)


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