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Tuesday, 10 February 2015 - 17:50 WIB

Did Police Investigators Invent Sitorus’s File?

Sorong, Jubi – Thousands of PT. Rotua’s employees held a protest in front of the Sorong Barat Sub-district Office on Monday (9/2/2015), urging authorities to release Labora Sitorus, a policeman convicted of money laundering but escaped from a prison, pleading ill health.

The protest coordinator Freddy Fakdawer urged the protester asked the Sorong Municipal Legislative Council to allow PT. Rotua’s representatives to meet with the Indonesian President.

He claimed that both Police and prosecutors fabricated evidence against Sitorus.
“Labora Sitoru’s case was full of fabrications. It started with the Papua Police’s investigation of documents. Sitorus has never been questioned but Sorong District Court sentenced him two years in prison. Then the High Court sentenced him 8 years in prison. Whose files they have referred to?” Fakdawer told in his oration.

He added if the law enforcement if Indonesia has turned a law destroyer, where would this county go?

Meanwhile, Labora Sitorus was reportedly not in jail since 2014. It informed he asked permission for going to Sorong Hospital for medical check up but never returned to Sorong Prison.


An Observer of Crime, Suyandi Wahid at the end of last month told Jubi that Sitorus could freely go outside of prison because the State Prosecutor Office and Sorong Prison have a contractual appointment System to play.

He speculated about a practice of bribery implemented by the suspect and law mafia. “The Mafia Court must perform the hidden contracts among them,” he said. (Nees Makuba/rom)

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