Anti-racism protest in Waghete, the capital of Deiyai Regency, Papua, on Wednesday (28/8/2019). – IST

Deputy Regent confirms eight civilians killed in the shooting incident at Deiyai Regent Office


Anti-racism protest in Waghete, the capital of Deiyai Regency, Papua, on Wednesday (28/8/2019). – IST

Nabire, Jubi – Deiyai Deputy Regent Hengky Pigai said the local government continue to update data on victims during the anti-racism protest on Wednesday (28/08/2019) at Deiyai Regent Office.

“Eight civilians were killed in the incident, while 16 injured people are in the Paniai Public Hospital in Madi for treatment. However, some victims have not found yet. So, this is a temporary finding,” Pigai told Jubi journalist Zely Ariane via telephone from Waghete on Friday.

Despite the number of victims, Pigai declined to specify the names of the victims. However, he asserted that the local government still would continue to verify the data of other victims because some protesters escaped to the jungle when the incident occurred.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Ministry of Justice and Peace of the Synod of Kingmi Church in Papua Yones Douw said the church had identified seven victims killed in the incident. Moreover, Douw, who also known as a human right activist, said they also get information about a victim died in the Panian Public Hospital in Madi. However, his identity remains not verified yet.


Among the victims, there are three of them died in the hospital. “The are Alpius Pigai, 20 years old, Pilemon Waine, 28 years old, and Aminadab Potuki, 24 years old. We can verify their identities because their bodies are now with the families,” said Douw.

Meanwhile, four people died at the scene already taken by their families without taking to the hospital. “They are Derikson Adii, 21 years old, Hans Ukago, 26 years old, Marinus Ikomouw, 37 years old, and Yemii Douw, 29 years old,” told Yones Douw by phone to Jubi reporter from Nabire on Saturday.

Concerning the recent update on another victim died in the hospital, Douw said he could not confirm it yet. “So we still adhere to our latest verification that so far the number of dead is seven,” he said.

Meanwhile, Father Santon Tegeke Pr from Timika Diocese in Deiyai Regency told that the diocese had received information about eight civilians killed at Deiyai Regent Office. However, he admitted difficulties to verify the data on the dead victims because the Paniai Public Hospital in Madi kept the information on both dead and injured people.

“We received the information that eight people killed in the incident, but no detail information about their names and age. I came to meet the hospital management in Madi, but they refused to provide data of the victims, either dead or injured. The number of victims might increase because locals reported some protesters fled to the jungle. However, they cannot check their condition because the security forces are still at the scene,” Father Santo told Zely Ariane by phone on Saturday.

Moreover, Deiyai Regent Ateng Edoway invited him and other local community leaders on Friday. “The regent already received the name of victims who died at the Paniai Public Hospital from the hospital director. However, he said we could not announce their names at the moment,” said Father Santon. (*)

Reporter: Zely Ariane/Hengky Yeimo
Editor: Pipit Maizier

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