Department of Tourism Supports Reopening of International Flights in Biak


Jayapura, Jubi – The Department of Tourism and Creative Economics said it strongly supports the Papuan provincial government’s plans to reopen international flights to and from Frans Kaisepo Airport in Biak.

“Basically, we support it since there are many potential tourism places , such as Padaido Island, Goa Japan (Japan Cave), and so on,” the department’s head,  David Pagawak, told reporters in Jayapura on Sunday (19/10).

Governor Lukas Enembe has spent a lot of money to compensate for the customary rights of land around the airfield, so the local regents could build fencees for airport security.

“Biak could be the entrance of foreign tourists, as well as the entrance of the economy,” he added.

Earlier, the Provincial Government through the Department of Transportation Papua attempted to reopen the international airline route through the airport Frans Kaisiepo, Biak. This plan is being discussed with the head of the local branch of the I Angkasapura.


“We also had a meeting with Biak Numfor government regarding the completion of the airport land issue,” head of the Papua Provincial Transport Department, Yusuf Yambi Yabdi confirmed.

In the 1996-1998 period, Garuda Airways opened the route Jakarta – Denpasar – Biak – Honolulu – Los Anggeles commute. However the, international flight routes across the Pacific Ocean was stalled because of economic crisis.

“The plan, which is being explored is the Biak – Thailand – Japan – China and South Korea. It could alsobe Biak – Australia. These routes is what will be discussed with the operator. Because of this choice so there must be a lot of operators, used to be only one routes to Honolulu – USA, “Yambe Yabdi explained. (Alexander Loen)

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