Map of West Papua Local Languages (SIL International)

Department of Education to Incorporate Local Languages in Curriculum

Map of West Papua Local Languages (SIL International)

Map of West Papua Local Languages (SIL International)

Jayapura, Jubi -The Department of Education and Culture of Papua is ready to incorporate local languages in the curriculum.

” Principally, Department of Education with Cenderawasih University (Uncen) and partners are ready to execute it. All the books have been prepared,” head of Education and Culture of Papua, Elias Wonda told Jubi in Jayapura, Papua on Monday (20 /10).

Wonda explained, the local language content will initially be implemented in the first three years of elementary school, and would later be extended in boarding schools.
“We will start this program at particular schools and hopefully, it will be executed next year,” he said.

Teachers will be recruited from each region, he said.
“For example, If the teacher is from Sentani, he/she has to teach by the Sentani language. So, we will be looking for teachers based on their respective areas,” Wonda explained.


The head of education in Jayapura, Robert J. Betaubun, said the city  was ready  to implement the policy.
“Jayapura is actually ready as it has the Port Numbay dictionary , as well as the preparation of planning for learning,” Robert J. Betaubun added.

Bataubun did not say how many native language teachers will be recruited for the implementation of the local curriculum. (Alexander Loen/Tina)

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