A teacher group in house of representative of Merauke (Jubi)

A teacher group in house of representative of Merauke (Jubi)

Merauke, Jubi (23/1) – The Merauke Legislative Council ( DPRD), Merauke Regency again highlights the performance of the officials in the Department of Education in Merauke. During this time, the teachers always complained to the rights of the teachers are not give serious attention.

The statement was delivered by he Chairman of Commission A DPRD Merauke, Dominic Ulukyanan when meeting with teachers and Vice Regent which took place in the council meeting room on Thursday (23/1). According to him, many complaints submitted such as funding incentives, benefits and other rights of the teachers who until now have not been resolved.
“I do not know in what way again to voice so that this matters will be heard . Through this formal meeting, I hope that the government will give serious attention, mainly to pay teachers’ rights,so that they can return home at the same time performing their duties and responsibilities well.” he said.
Domin further asserts, many problems were found in the villages, especially the teaching and learning activities that do not run at all. Because the teachers are going to town with the intention of continuing education.
“Indeed, it is the right of every teacher. But it should be managed and organized well, where teachers in the city who have finished college will be temporarily placed  in the village. So they will fill the empty positions and teaching -learning process can run as usual. However, the reality is not like that, “he said.
In response, Vice Regent of Merauke, Sunarjo, S.Sos asked to teachers who do not get what they are entitled to, in order to be submitted to Department of Education. “Yes, give me the list of teachers’ names, and will be delivered and registered to the department once.” he said. (Jubi / Ans/ Tina)

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