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Dengue Fever Outbreaks Reported in Mappi Regency

Illustrated - Jubi

Illustrated – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua provincial health office chief drg. Aloysius Giyai said 29 regencies/municipal in Papua Province that are at risk of dengue fever outbreaks.

Eight regions are listed as main contributors to dengue fever cases or have endemic cases while two to three regencies are reported to have sporadic cases, he said at the meeting room of Papua Health Office on Wednesday (10/2/2016).

“As per January 2016 to sixth weeks of epidemiologist calendar, it is reported both in writing and as per telephone or short message that 47 cases have occurred, with one reported fatality,” said Giyai.

He explained of 47 dengue fever cases, 37 cases were occurred in January while 10 were occurred in February and the cases were occurred in four regencies. “There are twenty cases in Jayapura Municipality, one case in Jayapura Regency , eight cases in Keerom Regency, three cases in Sarmi Regency and three cases in Mimika Regency,” he said.


He further said of four regencies in Papua, only Mappi Regency has revoked its status as Dengue Fever Outbreaks Case 2016 announced by Mappi Regency Health Office and Decree by Mappi Regent.

“Based on data from Mappi Regency, the case has been occurred in December 2012, but it could not categorized as outbreaks case. And the number of cases started to increase in 2015, that there are three cases in November and 10 cases in December. Up to February 2016, there are 36 cases of suspected dengue fever, which 12 are positive dengue fever and 24 are regular fever with similar dengue fever symptoms,” he said.

When asked why Jayapura Municipality was not determined as Dengue Fever Outbreaks referred to the fact of deaths, Giyai said it is referring to the fact that Jayapura Municipality always contributes the dengue fever cases. “A region could be categorized Outbreaks Case if it never had the case previously, but at the time of occurrence, the number of patients are increased. While for Jayapura Municipality, it has dengue fever cases all the years,” he said.

At the same place, the Secretary of Papua Provincial Health Office, Silwanus Sumule said the office have taken several actions concerning to dengue fever cases in Papua, including to socialization on handling the cases –both diagnostic cases or suspected cases—based on the procedure. “To support the logistic of dengue fever prevention, including to increase the number of fogging machine, distribute cynoff and abate (insecticide-red),” he said. (Roy Ratumakin/rom)

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