Frits Ramandey, Komnas HAM Perwakilan Papua, saat membesuk korban penembakan Deiyai di RSUD Nabire (3/8) - Jubi/Titus Ruban

Deiyai ​​shootings indicated gross human rights violations


Frits Ramandey, Komnas HAM Perwakilan Papua, saat membesuk korban penembakan Deiyai di RSUD Nabire (3/8) – Jubi/Titus Ruban

Jayapura, Jubi – Deiyai ​​shooting that has killed Yulianus Pigai and wounded 16 others, is said to have fulfilled elements of gross human rights violations because the purpose of the shooting is suspected to be exterminate or deadly.

It was in the spotlight of Legal Aid Institute, Assessment and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH) Manokwari, through its release on Thursday (August 3). According to LP3BH Director, Yan Warinusi, police officers are strongly indicted for crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity as regulated in Article 7 of the Human Rights Court Law No 26/2000.

“It appears from the injuries suffered by Yulius Pigai and the 16 other victims who were not shot with rubber bullets, as well as the facts and evidence that they were not shot to be paralyzed, but allegedly shot to exterminate or killed,” Warinussi based on LP3BH sources in Waghete, Deiyai.

On that basis LP3BH requested an independent investigation that could be conducted under the support and facilities of national human rights commission (KOMNAS HAM) as well as local churches and Paniai Customary Council.


Related to the investigation team, Papua Police Chief Inspector General (Pol) Boy Rafli Amar told reporters in Jayapura, (August 4) that he had formed an investigative team consisting of Kabid Propam (security and profession division), Brimob (mobile brigade), Kabid Kum.Direskrim (criminal division) who would joined with KOMNAS HAM representatives of Papua who has visited Deiyai ​​recently.

“We will see how the procedure in handling the community action, we want to see facts and what was really happened, action and reaction,” the police chief said.

He also said, the Propam will deal with the applicable legal provisions against members of the Police, including the regulation of the Kapolri (perkap) that governs the mass handling.

On that occasion, Kapolda also apologized to the Papuan community, especially the families of the victims allegedly shot by members of Brimob and police in Oneibo Village, Tigi District, Deiyai ​​Regency, on August 1.

“Papua Police apologized for the incident in Deiyai, we apologize to the people of Papua, especially the families of the people who were hit by officers,” Boy Rafli Amar.

According to Boy Rafli weapons the officers who did the shooting have been confiscated. “It’s done. Regarding live ammunition, the officer had two bullets, rubber bullets and live ammunition. Most importantly, the legality of its use is valid or not. Can be accounted for or not,” he said.

The shot was blamed on the orders of Tigi police chief

An eyewitness to the shooting incident in Waghete, with initials NP admitted to Jubi that he was witnessing the shooting was done on the orders of Tigi police chief, N. Raini who brought the police and Brimob troops to the scene.

“At that time, Tigi Police Chief, Raini with members of Brimob. Upon arrival, the police chief ordered the firing. I witness it myself,” said NP, an eyewitness to Jubi in Waghete (August 4).

Once ordered, according to him, the explosion of gun sounds like water-flowing, “so many people got shot,” NP said and add that the shot was aimed not up to the sky.

“They measure that fit-pas fitting men, especially teenagers. The shoot did not go to the sky, but straight (toward) people. If he (Kapolsek) is not to command how his men might do the shooting,” said NP.

Related to the shootings in the field, the Papua Police Chief promised that the relevant police officers should be investigated, both Brimob members and members of the Tigi Police station who were at the site. According to him already about seven people have been questioned since yesterday.

Legal settlement

Separately, senior lawyer for Human Rights on Papua, Gustaf Kawer admitted pessimism about the performance of KOMNAS HAM related to Deiyai ​​case.

“I want to say a bit rough, KOMNAS HAM should stop the ‘human rights tour’,” said Kawer to Jubi, Friday (August 4). He suspects Komnas HAM’s command to the representatives of KOMNAS HAM Papua to go to the field would only be a mere tour.

“If they have come down the field, the report has been clear, either human rights violations or not. Surprisingly hat is hardly the case. Many institutions check and visited the crime scene. All became fond of the crime scene but there was never any follw up to the legal process,” he said while pointing out the same thing happened in the case of Paniai Shootings December 7, 2014.

But he still hopes KOMNAS HAM would not repeat its mistake for Deiyai ​​Case August 1, and invites all parties and human rights workers to work together to solve the case. “We are guarded together until the legal process,” he said. (*)



Editor: Zely Ariane

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