One survivor sent from Deiyai to Nabire for intensive care - Jubi / Abeth You

Deiyai ​​case verdict: Is this a state or a flower garden?


One survivor sent from Deiyai to Nabire for intensive care – Jubi / Abeth You

Jayapura, Jubi – The verdict of Deiyai shootings’ trial by the Police Commission of Police’s Code of Ethics (KKEPP) against nine members of the Police or Brimob responsible for the shooting on August 1, 2017 in Oneibo, Tigi District, Deiyai, is criticized by Papuan Customary Council (DAP).

National Police chief Gen. Tito Karnavian was urged to explain the reason for the perpetrators’ verdict with only asked to give apologies.

“Is this law or flower garden state? I ask Mr. President Jokowi to order the Chief of Police to check the panel of ethics code of the Papua Police, otherwise the foreign party will come to Papua,” said Secretary II of DAP, John NR Gobay to Jubi in Jayapura, Friday, (September 1)

John asserted, Indonesia is a country of law; it is not a garden of flowers whose beauty alternates according to the season.


“This is a joke or a verdict? I ask the police chief to explain the verdict,” Gobay said.

This light sentence, he said, is an affront to Mee’s ethnic self-esteem and native Papuans (OAP). “As if shooting my younger brother Yulianus Pigai was just fine,” he said irritably.

Separately, Chairman of the Special Committee Parliament Deiyai, Alfret Pakage explains, eventhough the vicm’s family had received ‘compensation’ or ‘mourn’ money from the Regency’s Government of Deiyai ​​it disn’t mean the provision of law to nine perpetrators elements reduced.

“I affirm that the donation from Deiyai ​​Government was not only given to the family of victims, but also given to the security apparatus and it was witnessed by Paniai Police Chief Supriyagung,” explained Alfret Pakage.

The compensation money was not to pay for the ‘head of Yulianus Pigai’ but the agreement was it used as ‘mourn money’ for the dead and medical purposes for the injured.

“The money given to the security apparatus is for security and return fare for Brimob unit from Deiyai, so again I affirm that the compensation money is not only given to the family of victims but also given to the Police and Brimob,” Pakage said.

Four members of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) were found guilty in this case. All four are only sanctioned to apologize and be transferred. They are former Chief of Police Tigi Superintendent One Maing Raini and Commander of Mobile Brigade (Danton Brimob) Brigade Iptu Aslam Djafar along with two members, Ajun Inspector Dua Esra Sattun and Brigadier Chief Victor Manggaprouw.

While the other five members of Brimob are found not guilty by the consideration of having taken the police action in accordance with standard operating procedure (SOP) which refers to Article 15 Paragraph 3 of the Chief of Police Regulation No. 1 of 2009 on the Use of Strength in Police Actions. (*)

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