Degenerative Diseases on the Rise in Jayapura City


Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura city health chief Dolarina de Breving said tropical diseases such as malaria, acute respiratory infection (ARI), and diarrhea were no longer a scourge for the people. However, degenerative diseases such as hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, and uric acid are on the rise.

She said the number of people with degenerative diseases continues to increase, although she did not give a figure .
“The health of the society is getting better as well as life expectancy is increasing. Yet, at the age above 40 years, degenerative disease usually emerge,” de Breving told Jubi on Thursday (13/11).

She said Jayapura City’s Health Office will give full attention to the elderly.

Currently, the elderly can have medical care health at elderly Health office (Posyandu Lansia) and in 2015 Jayapura City Health Office plans to develop an integrated Development Post (Posbindu).
“One of the activities in Posbindu is the examination of degenerative disease for the elder people,” she stated during the Elderly Health Issue Seminar in the Hall of SMK N 3 Jayapura.

The seminar was held in the framework of the National Health Day (HKN) in Jayapura . The keynote speakers were dr. Fajar Amansyah, Sp.PD and dr. Kambu, Sp.S


Meanwhile, Fajar Amansyah, confirmed that degenerative diseases arose because of the increasing of life expectancy in Jayapura.
“Hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, and gout will be given attention and handled serously by the existing stakeholders ,” Amansyah said.

He hoped that the people would able to live healthy ” The treatment is we should live with a healthy lifestyle, good diet, reduce of consuming salt, have enough rest and avoid a lot of activities. The body is like a machine too, don’t force it to much,” he advised. (Sindung Sukoco/ Tina)

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