The match between Perseru FC and Persepam FC (Jubi)


The match between Perseru FC and Persepam FC (Jubi)

The match between Perseru FC and Persepam FC (Jubi)

Jayapura , 2/2 ( Jubi ) – Promotion Team of Indonesia Super League ( ISL ), Perseru Serui successfully met their target for the three points at the first game, this season after defeating Persepam Madura United ( MU Persepam ) with a score of 4-1 at the Mandala Jayapura Stadium on Sunday ( 2/2 ) .

The winning goals are created by Alan Aronggera , Okto Maniani and two goals are from Yakson Ama . While the goal from Persepam is printed by Zaenal Arif .
At the beginning of the game which led the referee Najamuddin , Persepam incisively controled the game, several attacks made by Rukito Daniel to the side area of home defense .
Entering the 20th minute , the ‘ Orange Sea Horses ‘ took over the attack, relying on speed, Okto Maniani from the right side of the opponent’s defense , Alan Aronggear successfully brought his team ahead 1-0 at the 24th minute by using the ball rebounding advantage fromYason Ama that can not be caught by Persepam keeper.
This goal makes them growing confident . Okto Maniani , Jason and Alan Aronggear Ama are sequential threatening the visitors’ goal . The cooperative works, Okto Maniai , Arthur Bonay and Jason Jason Ama successfully exploited to increase the score to 2-0 for his team at the 38th minute. Solo action by Okto Maniani,a tiny player ended the first round with a score of 3-0 to Preseru after deceiving the opponent back.
The second round , Perseru still shows confident . The game move quickly from foot to foot. Perseru coach is Robby Maruanaya . The result of the second half the game running for 10 minutes or 55 minutes to be exact , Jason Ama back with teams ‘ Orange Sea Horses ‘ kick the ball away 4-0.
Since, Perseru forgets their defense . Persepam players used this condition doing strike back . Zaenal Arif managed to break through the host and reduce the lag to 4-1 at the 77th minute . Although some re- created opportunities by Okto Maniani and his friends , but because of less calm of front row , Perseru number of opportunities wasted . Score 4-1 last until the fight finally ended. ( Jubi /Arjuna/Tina )

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