Illustrated - Jubi

Dead Prisoner’s Family Asks Jayawijaya Police for Rp 10 Billion in Compensation

Illustrated - Jubi

Illustrated – Jubi

Wamena, Jubi – The family of a detainee who was found dead in Uwe River, Jayawijaya last week demanded the Jayawijaya Police pay them Rp 10 billion in customary compensation.

The request was conveyed to Jayawijaya Police Chief in the meeting with the family representatives at Jayawijaya Police Headquarters on Monday (14/3/2016).

Jayawijaya Police Chief Adjunct Senior Police Commissionaire Semmy Ronny Thaba said the victim, identified as JW alias YM, was a suspected motorcycle thief and recidivist of Wamena Class II B Prison.

He died by jumping to Uwe River, Napua Sub-district on Wednesday (9/3/2016).


At that time the Police were looking for evidence that recognized by victim as part of his crime. The Police then looked for his family and found him dead on Friday (11/3/2016). For this reason, the family came to Jayawijaya Police asking for compensation.

“Based on the agreement made with the victim’s family from Yomaima Village, Napua Sub-district, Jayawijaya after we found the body of late Erwin Wenda alias Julianus Woman on Friday (11/3/2016), today we conduct a meeting to hear their aspiration, which is actually we don’t have any business anymore by Law and it’s over, because every actions we made over this case was properly met with the procedure,” the Police Chief said.

He also said JW was died by his own because trying to escape from the Police that caused him fall into the river.

In the next two weeks, he will meet the victim family once again, but this time he will ensure the family that the Police has no great budget to pay fines.

“If it’s only to console the mourned family, we will think about it, and as the Police Chief I think it could be seen as respectful act towards the local culture,” he said. (Islami/rom)

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