DAW Meepago : We Will Identify Customary Forest Boundaries


Nabire, Jubi – The coordinator of the Meepago Customary Council, Okto Marco Pekei, said illegal logging and pollution by mining companies are the main contributors to enviromental destruction in Papua.

According to him, illegal logging is difficult to control because it is carried out by the local people; meanwhile such destruction by the companies was often associated with the Environmental Impact Assessment.

“Deforestation in Meepago customary area could affect the relations between the forest and people, because it is the source of life for the indigenous Papuans in general and the local people of Meepago in particular,” he told through text message to Jubi on Saturday (2/1/2016).

Therefore, he collaborated with the Regional Customary Council (DAD) to identify the border area and forest tenureship.

The Chairman of Wolani, Mee and Moni Customary People Development Institute (LPMA SWAMEMO), Thobias Bagubau said based on the collected data from 2003-2015, about 50 hectares of customary forests in surrounding Degeuwo illegal mining area have been destructed. Therefore it formed a security team in attempting to safe the remaining customary forest.


“In the future, we will make coordination with the Regional Customary Council (DAD) and Meepago Customary Council (DAW) as well to discuss on customary forest sustainability. Currently we do not start the meeting yet, but few days ago I provided them some data to be reviewed.

DAW and DAD to work together to defend the people’s interest by enforcing this customary forest issue,” he said. (Hengky Yeimo/rom)

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