Jayapura, 4/2 (Jubi) – Jakarta government continues to give trillions of Rupiah to Papua. The central government budget for the General Allocation Fund (DAU), Rp.1,99 trillion for Papua province for 2014.
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Papua receives most DAU then the other provincial about Rp.1,99 trillion. For levels of government under the province’s, Bogor regency government fell to Rp.2,055 billion.
The total DAU allocation from the government this year is Rp.341,219 billion or 26 percent of the APBN on 2014. About Rp.34,121 or 10 percent to the provincial level and Rp.300 billion or 90 percent for district/city.
Acceptance of the DAU is of course reaping the numerous comments from the community because Papua was deemed not successful use of development funds. Development in Papua has not been evenly called by some observers of Papua.
“To be honest, during the construction it’s one-sided. South Papua is unnoticed. I deeply regret this, “said English lecturer Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Uncen, Mr.Maxs Nemo, to the Suluh Papua media some time ago”.
Meanwhile, according to the Economic Observer of Ma Chung University, Mr.DodiArifianto, although Papua has many funds allocated from the central government, but development in this area is still not evenly distributed and perceived community.
“So the central government should monitor the realization of these funds to the local level. Then an evaluation and imposing sanctions must be given if proven these funds are not being used properly,” he said as quoted by Kontan, Sunday (02/02/2014).
Government set DAU calculations based on a formula consisting of the fiscal gap and the basic allocation. Fiscal gap is the fiscal needs minus fiscal capacity. Calculated based on the amount of salaries of Civil Servants (PNS) proportionally.
Observers in Constitutional law, Mr.JulianUropdana assess, Papua never ahead despite the trillions of dollars coming to Papua. According to him, the fault is not with the people of Papua.
“The organizers state that does not have the commitment and goodwill to build Papua,” said the graduate of Santa Dharma Yogyakarta, to, Tuesday (2/4) via cell phone.
Julian suspect a conspiracy between Papua elite and Jakarta in using trillions of rupiah that have been given for this to enrich themselves.

“I suspect there are mafia budget using public money. This condition is urgent but the state just stands silent.” said this Oksibil man, Papua. (Jubi/Mawel/Frans)

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