DAP Seeks Update of Agreements with Companies


yan_piet_yarangga_1Biak, Jubi – Chairman of the Papuan Customary Council (DAP) Yan Pieter Yerangga urged the investors or entrepreneurs a using land belonging to indigenous peoples to renew agreements with the local indigenous community.

“Indigenous peoples as customary rights of land owners must obtain a fair distribution of assets in the utilization of natural resources by investors,” said Chairman of the Papuan Customary Council Yan Pieter Yerangga in a press statement in Biak on Saturday (9/1/2015).

He said that each indigenous peoples’ lands that are appropriated for development should be discussed with the owners of customary rights.

By agreement with the indigenous peoples as holders of customary rights, according to Yan Pieter, is expected to prevent any unilateral agreements that may result in losses experienced by owners of customary rights.

“As an example the case of the former Hotel Marauw location of the land will be built when the agreement was made with nine genera customary owners but the agreement for the construction of the hotel was only partially implemented, so it should get the attention of the district government and parliament,” he said.


Papua traditional council, he added, requesting elements of indigenous peoples in Papua to involve traditional council in discussing kesepqakatan cooperation with an investor or investors who utilize the natural resources belong to the indigenous population.

Goals included traditional council, according to Yan Pieter, to prevent the improper cooperation agreement that could harm local indigenous peoples as owners of customary rights holders and legitimate.

“DAP will oversee the process of renegotiation agreement with the entrepreneur or investor who manages the results of the natural resources belonging to indigenous Papuans,” he said.

Based on the data of the priority programs of the Papuan Customary Council Chairman, Yan Pieter said that after being elected at large consultation of indigenous peoples in December 2015 in Biak is committed to protecting the basic rights of indigenous Papuans to be maintained as natural riches of God’s grace for indigenous Papuans. (*)

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