Jayapura, 1/4 (Jubi) – The Consumer Price Index in two cities of Papua indicated inflation. The inflation rate in Jayapura City in March 2014 was recorded at 0.68% while it reached 1.15% in Merauke City. The CPI for both cities was respectively 113.68 and 113.13.

Based on the CPI measured in 82 cities of Indonesia, it indicated 45 cities including Jayapura and Merauke have experiencing inflation while 37 others were reported having deflation. Tual had the highest deflation at 2.43%.

“The highest rate of inflation was occurred in Merauke. It reached 1.15% and the lowest rate was for Kediri and Makassar at 0.002%. Jayapura was in the 3rd rank at national level and 2nd rank in the level of Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua. Meanwhile the highest deflation was happened in Tual at 2.43 % and the lowest was in Sorong at 0.02 %,” said the Head of Central Statistics Board of Province Papua,Didik Koesbianto on Tuesday in Jayapura, (1/4).

He further said the inflation occurred in Jayapura City because of the increase of CPI in every cluster of expenditure:


(1.56 %), cluster of processed food, drink and tobacco
(0.19 %), cluster of housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel
(0.07 %), cluster of clothing
(0.44 %), cluster of health services
(0.09 %), cluster of education
(0.00 %) , cluster of recreation and sport
(1.01    %), cluster of transportation, communication and finance services

In the same occasion, the Head of Distribution Department of BPS Papua, Adriana Robaha said the rate of inflation in Jayapura City is greated to 0.68% than national monthly inflation of 0.08%. Meanwhile the rate of inflation for the calendar year (March 2014 – December 2013) in Jayapura City was 2.12 % against the national rate of 1.41%.

“The rate of inflation year on year (March 2014 against 2013) of Jayapura City reached 9/07 % or greater than the national rate at 7.32%. In addition, the rate of inflation year on year in March 2014 for the core component reached 5.15%, while for the government regulated was 16.86% and 14.37 % was for the unstable component. (Jubi/Alex/rom)

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