Councilor Laurens Kadepa - Jubi

Councilors Seek Guarantee for Security of Papuans who Live Outside Papua

Councilor Laurens Kadepa - Jubi

Councilor Laurens Kadepa – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Commission I of Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) on Governance, Security, Politics, Law and Human Rights requested security guarantees for the students and other Papuans who live outside of Papua following the rioting in Tolikara.

A member of the commission, Laurenzus Kadepa said reports in the mass media on the incident have been exaggerated and sparked concerns about the safety of Papuans who live outside Papua.
“I got report that in Aceh there are five Papuan students who are now sheltering in Rindam, military headquarters after they received threats,” Kadepa said on Wednesday (22/07/2015).

Meanwhile in Yogyakarta, Papuan students leave their boarding houses and dormitories. He said, the news media with diverse interests, make this incident as a big problem. As a result, Papuan students and the people of Papua feel unsafe.
“So we asked for a guarantee of security for the students and the people of Papua outside Papua. The state must guarantee their safety. In Solo, also there are two Papuan students attacked by a group of unidentified persons and injured in the head and other body parts that were taken to hospital. Media exaggerated this incident too much, which always highlighted the problem of fire, while the shooting of 12 people where one 15 year old boy died is ignored, “he said.

Earlier, one of the members of the DPRP, Wilhelmus Pigai said it is not fair if only the incident that caused the fire burning kiosks spread to musollah highlighted, because when it is, there is also the shooting of 12 civilians.
“In this action of the shooting, one person reportedly died, and 11 others wounded. The concerns and attention must be paid a fair and balanced, so the government is not considered discriminatory and is only concerned with one group alone, “said Pigai via text message to Jubi, Tuesday (21/07/2015). (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)


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