Papua Parliament office in Jayapura (IST)

Councilor Calls for Tolikara’s Shooting Perpetrators to be Brought to Trial

Papua Parliament office in Jayapura (IST)

Papua Parliament office in Jayapura (IST)

Jayapura, Jubi – A member of the Papua Legislative Council from Tolikara, Bobirius Jikwa, urged police to investigate who was behind the shootings that wounded 11 people and killed a 15-year old teenager during the Tolikara rioting two weeks ago.

“As a councilor from Tolikara electoral region, I ask the police to arrest the perpetrators according to the rule applied in each institution. Dare to act, dare to take responsibility,” Bobi Jikwa said on Monday (27/7/2015).

He said security forces should be control themselves in any circumstance and refrain from opening fire. He said it’s a big mistake.
“It’s not a battlefield but a religious event. I regret that. Moreover it took a casualty. Officers shouldn’t open fire randomly. I care not only about the Tolikara incident but every incident that happened in Papua,” he said.

He said the rioting in Tolikara was not planned but spontaneous as a result of GIDI holding an event at the same time as Eid Al-Fitr prayers.


Jikwa said he also visited six victims who hospitalized at Dok II Hospital to give financial support. Although he didn’t mention the amount, he said it’s a part of his concern.
“The bullets have been removed from the six victims. Today (Monday, 27/7/2015), they are allowed to go home. Five were shot on the thigh and the rest was shot on foot. Doctor has handled it and all ammunitions have been removed,” he said.

Meanwhile, the surgeon dr. James Gedi who taking care the victims said he has taken medical treatment over the victims. He said the bullet fragments were founded in the tights and arms, but all were removed. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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