Councillors Urged to Review Plans to Build Police Base


Jayapura, Jubi- Dozens of students from Youth and Student Solidarity of Papua (SMPASP) held a peaceful demonstration at the parliament’s office this week.

The protestors demanded that local legislators immediately facilitate a meeting with Jayawijaya regency, Papua province, and the Papua Police, to look for solutions to the controversy over plans to build a Mobile Brigade base in Wamena. They also want to know the reason for the local government to build the mobile brigade base in the Central Mountains of Papua.

The coordinator of demonstration Soleman Itlay stated that it rejects the presence of Mako Brimob in Jayawijaya, because the local community and Papua in general are still traumatized. They also asked Papua province, and MRP to immediately invite Jayawijaya regent, John Wempi Wetipo and Papua Police in order to explain the draft study on the establishment of Mako Brimob in Wamena.
“We urge the Papua Police to stop development plans, as there are some cases of violence in Wamane have not been accounted for. President Jokowi, please instruct the police force to stop the plan,” Soleman Itlay hoped.

Continued, Jayawijaya regent should stop to use the fake tribal leader as on behalf of the ownership chiefs to release the customary land.
“Jayawijaya regent, Wempi Wetipo, stops shifting corruption indication with development issues of Mako Brimob. Papua government, the legislative and regency to immediately open a dialogue and accommodate all stakeholders to find the best solution, “he added.

Protesters were received by chairman deputy III , Yanni, along with several other legislators such as Maria Dwitauw, Tan Wie Long, Emus Gwijangge, Laurenzus Kadepa, Nioulen Kotouki, and Radius Simbolon.
“We received this aspiration and will facilitate you to sit together with local government, provincial government, the parliament, and the Police to discuss this issue “Yanni said. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina )


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