Papua Legislative Council's Commission I member Mathea Mamoyau - Jubi

Councillor Warns Mimika Government against Issuing New Mining Regulation

Papua Legislative Council's Commission I member Mathea Mamoyau - Jubi

Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I member Mathea Mamoyau – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I member, Mathea Mamoyau urged the Mimika government to avoid a new polemic by issuing a new regulation on public mining.

“Do not solve the conflict by making a new one. It will raise another problem,” Mamoyau said on Monday (16/2/2015).

“The local government shouldn’t talk nonsense about the regulation. They should understand who’s actually behind it. Do not talk about regulation while the local parliament has not yet inaugurated,” she said.

She said he ad asked the regent and local Police Chief as well as the local Military Commander to review this course because he worried it would raise a conflict among the people. As Mimika native, he said he knew exactly about the condition in the area.
“Many tribes involved in mining activity out there. They are not only living at Timika City, but also at the mining location. It looks unimportant, but it should be considered seriously. It needs a lot of times and efforts. I take this as a failure plan to be,” she said.


Earlier, the Mimika Regional Secretary Wilhelmus Haurissa said the determination of mining location should be regulated in the Regional Regulation and it was the Local Parliament’s authority.
“But although the legislature election has been done since 13 March last year, the Mimika Legislative Council was still in dispute. There are community groups who still refuse the election result,” Haurissa said at that moment. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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