Papua Land (IST)


Papua Land (IST)

Papua Land (IST)

Jayapura, 23/4 (Jubi) – Soon, the Consultative Team of Draft Law of the Governmental Special Autonomy in Papua will meet the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affair in Jakarta to discuss the revision of the content of such draft.

“The Consultative Team is planning to depart to Jakarta on Friday (25/4) to pass some ideas to the Ministry of Internal Affair via the Directorate of Regional Autonomy. For instance, the current issues in Papua that have not written yet in the draft. We will bring it to the Central Government. And we will attach it when we were in Jakarta. It would be sounded,” the Head of the Administrative Governance Bureau of Province Papua, Sendius Wonda said on Wednesday (23/4) in Jayapura.

He further said if everything has been completed, the Department of Internal Affair would pass it to the President to process the Draft Law and further to issue the Presidential Commission (Ampres) . “We hoped it would be finalized in May, since it fit with the schedule of the Department of Internal Affair.
They just need to report to the President to issue the Ampres before then bring it to the National Parliament,” he said.

Related to the orientation of 28 sectors of Papua development policy that has not yet included in the Draft Law, Wenda said that would be talked in the final discussion.
“It would be added in the draft, in particular the economic sector. Overall, the Draft Law is consisting of 369 articles and 52 chapters,” he said.


He added the former team members have been reselected to join with some of selected members of the core team as a new team.
“So there would be the team from Cenderawasih University or team from the local government. Their assignment is based on the Letter of Assignment. Based on the Mutual Letter of Assignment issued signed by the Governor of Papua and the Governor of Papua Barat, we are now becoming one team. However, each governor is responsible towards the accountability and administrative and financial aspects of each respective team. The Governor of Papua took responsible to Papua team while the Governor of Papua Barat did the similar thing to Papua Barat team,” he said.

Earlier, the Chairman of Papua Barat People Council, David Meisiro said the Draft Law of the Government Special Autonomy in Papua has been long thought by the two governors.
“I hoped with the Law of Special Autonomy in Papua, both provinces could be have a better future,” he said. (Jubi/Alex/rom)

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