Confusion in Jayapura City Health Office over Health Cards Distribution Mechanism


Jayapura, Jubi – The chief Medical Officer of Jayapura, Dolarina de Breving admitted she did not know the mechanism of the distribution of the Papua Health Card (PPP), which were received on Monday.

“We have received Papua Health Cards at 17.00 PM ( local time).  I just do not know, whether the cards will be distributed to the health centers or d to each of the RT/RW,” Breving confirmed via phone on Monday evening (27/10).

She further admitted, they are confused to hande it since there are no guidelines or held-sharing mechanism.

Meanwhile, PPP Coordinator distribution of UP2KP to Jayapura City Health Office, Darwin Rumbiak as confirmed by phone separately said, there have been a socialization related to the mechanism of use of PPP and health card distribution mechanism had already been sent.
“We have given the PPP distribution guidelines to the respective health authorities including Jayapura City Health Department, the items covered by the PPP financing has also been socialized,” he said.

And he added, it will attempt to reinvigorate the distribution guidelines and the use of the health card. “We’ll get the time to socialize,” he said. (Sindung Sukoco)


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