Willem Rumasep (Jubi)

Conflict in Puncak Jaya is not Make Sense

Willem Rumasep (Jubi)

Willem Rumasep (Jubi)

Jayapura, 31/1 (Jubi) – The gunshot incidents, sweeping and arrest in Puncak Jaya that was triggered by the seizing of eight guns belong to the police are not make sense. Event the uneducated person also is able to think the incident in Kulirik, Puncak Jaya, does not make sense.

“We are surprised that the police on duty in Puncak Jaya. It is clearly the armed conflict area but they can leave the police station,” Wilem Rumasep, the Officer in Charge of the Papua Customary Council (DAP) to tabloidjubi.com at his office, Expo, Waena, Kota Jayapura, Papua, Friday (31/1).
Meanwhile, the police officers in the city, the safe place, were never leave the gun at the police station. “Those officers who are on duty at the post in front of the museum where is only several meters from their station can not leave their guns,” Rumasep said by giving the example.
According to him, the incident is not making sense and it is not for the first time. The same incident had happened on 12 February 2013. The shooting of eight soldiers of Indonesian Army who left their station without brings up their weapons. “It is clearly the conflict area, if never took the weapon, that’s weird. Event the army brings their guns when they came to the shop. The area, this is clearly a forest, never took a gun it’s weird,” he said.
According to him, two strange incidents made him to a conclusion that there is a game of certain parties who play this bloody drama, in particular those who want to use the conflict for their own interest. Therefore, to the law enforcement, especially the police, they should be brave to reveal the motive behind this ridiculous incident. “We hope the police will be brave to reveal it,” he added.
To the people of Puncak Jaya in particular and the people of Papua in general, they must know to put themselves in this situation, know how to behave so would not be stuck in the scenario of other people’s interest. “In this situation the people of Papua must be aware for not be used as a tool,” he said.
Fredy Pawika, the former Coordinator of Social Reality Research Group of Philosophy Theology College Abepura, said the conflict is part of the strategic to defeat the Papua Free Movement. “I guest it is a method to suppress the National Liberation Army/Papua Free Movement led by Goliath Tabuni after paralyzing the political factions in the city that oppose the Government of Indonesia. ” said Fredy.

This method, according to Fredy, would never succeed; even the victims will raise the hatred against the army from the family of civilian’s victims. “In turn the rebellion is more fertile. If they want, let’s do a dialogue to resolve the problem together,” the man who is also the priest’s candidate. (Jubi/Mawel/P. Maizier)

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