Confisted Timber (Jubi/Mawel)

Confisted Timber About to Decay

Confisted Timber (Jubi/Mawel)

Confisted Timber (Jubi/Mawel)

Abepura, Jubi – The fate of goods seized in criminal cases remain unclear despite court decisions, head of Confiscated Objects Storage Home (Rupbasan), Fitriyanti Sanang said.

The most problematic case involved logs that were seized between 2006 to 2012.
“After tla court decision, the goods must be immediately be auctioned or destroyed, still the process has stagnated for years” she told Jubi at office on Thursday (9/10).

She said her office has repeatedly communicated with the authorized prosecutor to carry out  court orders, but until now decision has been made .

Yohanes Sabami, coordinator of Management and Security of Rupbasan said some timber has begun to rot and some is already rotten after sitting outside for years at the yard of office. As a result , its value has declined and the state lost hundreds of millions of rupiah. From the data released in September 2014, there were 6,983 logs of various sizes stored. (Benny Mawel/Tina)


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